Competition Instructions for Invigilators

The instructions on this page are meant for invigilators of students who write the competition in a central location.

Before the competition

  • Familiarize yourself with the Competition Rules.
  • Print the papers (see below).
  • Read the upload instructions on this Moodle page and try out the example upload.
  • Make sure each student has a desk and chair suitable for their height, and that desks are far enough apart.
  • Make sure the students can see a clock, or arrange with them at what times you will inform them (e.g. “there are 30 minutes left”).
  • Make sure the students know the way to the toilet and will not get lost in the building.

Printing papers

  • Please ask students beforehand which languages they wish to receive. Note that since students who write at home will have access to all 9 language versions, also students writing in a central location have the right to wish for more than two languages (though probably not many will).
  • The problems will be available on this Moodle page on Friday, 28 August 2020, 16:00 (assuming they are approved by then).
  • Even if you are a Leader and can access the problems also via, please use the versions from Moodle for printing to make sure that there are no accidentally introduced changes from the re-compilation. (Also, in one language, one of the texts at the bottom is fixed only in that version.)
  • Please make sure to print the papers long enough before the contest to ensure you have some time left in case there are problems with the printer.

During the competition

  • Ensure that students adhere to the rules.
  • If a student has a written question about the problems (see Competition Rules), take a photo or scan of that question and send it to Wait for a reply. As soon as the reply arrives, print it or write it onto a piece of paper and give it to the student. (Do not show it directly on the screen, on the one hand so that the student has it available in written form during the entire contest, on the other so that they do not accidentally see questions of other people or other things.)
  • Please do not answer questions yourself. Even if the question seems trivial, please send it by email; this also gives us a better overview of what is unclear, and perhaps we already decided to give a longer answer in some cases.
  • Please refrain from mathematical activities during the invigilation, in particular from solving the MEMO problems. (There was this one year where an excited “I managed to solve the inequality!” from one invigilator gave students more advice than it should have, and this should be avoided.) Your interest in the problems is of course very much appreciated; if you wish to try them yourself, please do it already the evening before, or after the contest.

After the competition

  • Scan (or photograph) the papers, and upload them on Moodle (detailed instructions on uploading see there) until 18:00 CEST (the earlier, the better).